Dear friends,

                 Wanderer’s Eye is now Sahyadrica. A name I closely relate with. Sahyadrica is derived from two words: Sahyadri·ica

                : [Noun] a mountain range along the western coast of India.
                : [Suffix] a collection of things that relate to a specific place, person, theme, etc.

                Kalidasa identifies Western Ghats as a maiden, ever so young and beautiful, draped in a green sari. Her sari is now slowly faded of its colour. Man is ripping her to pieces. The solution is not of building walls around her for keeping men at bay. The question is, how can we both coexist. How can man – her son and daughter – save her at the same time serving his self. There have been solutions proposed but I guess they’re not to everyone’s liking so far.

                Sahyadrica is widely used to describe a species first discovered in, or endemic to the Sahyadri region, sometimes more specifically to the region from Karnataka and Maharashtra. One of the reasons for this blog being titled Sahyadrica is just that - for it began in this very biodiversity hotspot.

                The intentions of this blog have not changed – it is a place to see what I see. Having said that, I believe that it is the responsibility of every dweller of their place, to open their ears and eyes and see the world around them – the little ants and the bees, birds and beasts, the trees and the out worldly bodies – the sun, moon and the stars. It is with this realization that I created this blog in 2008, and have been seeing and hearing, and discovering things which await everyone’s ears and eyes. Heed them!

                I just thought I’d put this up as an update for you all dear readers!