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Uran - A vanishing paradise

Uran 28th June 2009 "Uran has a vast wetland ecosystem and a naval base near Mora Gaon. It is known for fishing and the bird life that exists there – and all of these are at stake due to the SEZ that falls under 10,000 hectares of this wetland ecosystem." Introduction I went on a walk at Uran, a township in the Raigad district famous for its wetlands. It takes around one hour to reach this place from Mumbai. It is a hotspot for flora and fauna, especially birds. It is also a hotspot for industries, and is in the eyes of the government. The day was not so perfect for any sighting, we presumed, since it had been raining on and off for few days but I guess I underestimated my luck. Uran is a place where, if you go during any time of the year, will see many birds. And they will make sure you see them too! It is a place with excellent birdlife and others associated with the wetlands. Uran is exclusively known for fishing, thanks to the abundant water sources, whether fresh

Yeoor Hills Day 2

Yeoor Hills on 21st June 2009 I went Yeoor Hills again after a gap of 6 days. It rained on Saturday 20th, so visiting Yeoor on the 21st seemed like a good idea. The sightings had been different compared to last Sunday (previous Yeoor post). The weather was pleasant, overcast, drizzled a wee bit, and the breeze was cold and damp. All this is not favored by some insects such as butterflies so most remained hidden from the sight. Nothing much to be spoken about, except sightings and some photographs. Sightings: Birds 1. Common Iora (Call) 2. Common Tailor Bird 3. I was seriously looking in the undergrowth. Insects 1. White Orange Tip (Male) 1 2. Robber fly - 2 3. Longhorn Beetle - 2 sp. 4. Common Emigrant - Plenty 5. Psyche - 2 6. Spot Swordtail - 2 7. Fodina stola (Moth) 1 8. Attatha sp. (Moth) 1 9. Tortoise beetle - Plenty Adults; several larvae 10. Camponotus angusticollis - several on forestfloor 11. Camponotus ( compressus ?) - 1 12. Anoplolepis gracilipes

Yeoor Hills

Yeoor Hills - A Short Trail on 14th June 2009 Yeoor Hills of Thane require no introduction - to see more on Yeoor, just google "Yeoor Hills" or go through my previous posts before September 2008 and wait for more in days to come. I went Yeoor after many months. Thus I "officially" declare the beginning of my favourite season of Monsoon! Officially I said, for it's about time for Monsoon to arrive Mumbai but is late! So the literal Monsoon Trail is delayed. None the less, Yeoor Hills is still full of surprises. I went on a trail with my friends after a long time. The excitement of visiting Yeoor was high, and expectations were higher. It was a small trail and we had small amount of sightings, but it was a good day to put my camera to extreme level of macros. Starting with Monsoon Trails 2009, I promised myself to pick up plastics that I find on the trails anywhere I go, and put 'em in my bag - or if a friend wants to share some garbage - his bag. List of