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A Walk by the River

...nature-trail along Thames river A cold breeze swept across the street and hushed the rustling leaves in the corners. Fall neared its end, and the breeze cleared the way for winter. It was a fine day, as the sun warmed the earth’s surface and the bright blue color spilled across a cloudless sky. What a day to explore, thought I. It had been months since I went on a proper nature-walk, so I did not want to miss the opportunity and the fantastic weather. I went to the Thames River watershed, a beautiful place to explore some fauna. Although the season was not right, I did come across some hardy species that could withstand the near zero temperatures. My wish was to capture everything I could, and learn more about the North American flora and fauna, but the White-tailed Deer, although common, topped my wish list! The landscape was dry for most part and I walked on a thick blanket of golden brown leaves, covering every part of the forest floor. I hunted for mushrooms in the litter


A brief look at the eyes Eyes of Bamboo Pit Viper staring straight at me Ever had the feeling of being watched – that uncomfortable sense which presses you hard against a wall, eating your mind inside out, and leaving you vulnerable and at god’s mercy? Often so, it is a game played by our mind. But there comes a moment when you see those eyes, staring right at you. And that’s when you feel it – the fear of being hunted. Eyes are meant for seeing. Yet there is more than meets the eye. Eyes speak, eyes express, and eyes display sheer joy or utter sadness. Eyes are an identity of a person, a community or of an entirely different species. A cautious White Breasted Kingfisher keeps its eye on me as I duck through a thicket to take it's picture Eyes are what I am going to talk about today. With a myriad of hues, from green to blue and brown to black, humans have one of the most beautiful eyes on this planet. But there are some that are beyond imagination, far better