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The Ultimate Spinner - Spiders

Living in one of the biodiversity hotspots – the Western Ghats – has led its residents relish and preserve the rich ecosystems of their homes. It is here that I dwell, one among the many nature enthusiasts who wonder in awe at the rich biodiversity of this complicated and conflicted land. Out of all the varieties of mammals, birds, butterflies, beetles, ants and bees, et cetera; we have a good diversity of spiders too. Unfortunately, very few dwell in to see spiders up-close and those who do, are undeniably in love with them. Let us dive in the world of these eight legged freaks, the stars of Arachnophobia and the horrid eight eyed venomous creeps which ought to be known well to be named as these. Spiders are small and big, much tough, hairy and just like insects so why aren’t they insects? Well, spiders have eight legs and either six or eight eyes (every eye called an ocelli). Apart from these usual traits that make up a spider – they also have venom glands & fangs and spinnere

Flutter By

A butterfly is seen as a personification of a person’s soul – whether they are living, or dead, according to a Japanese legend, and indeed it is for only those who marvel at their charm as they flutter by know well. A delicately crafted butterfly from a chrysalis is one of the finest creations of nature. Let us dive into a rational world of these marvels, far from the scientific mind-boggling terms that hold utmost importance but not the delicacy of these intricately-designed-beauties as we ought to perceive. How do they get their rainbow colors, you ask? One mythology expresses it in the best way to suit human nature! According to this myth, the Creator felt sorry for the children when he realized that their destiny was to grow old and become wrinkled, fat, blind and weak. Hence, he gathered beautiful colors from various sources such as the sunlight, leaves, flowers, and the sky. These colors were put into a magical bag and presented to the children. When the bag was opened by the