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Little Known Bugs

...of Mumbai Lush green forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, during Monsoon There are times when we walk in the wild and find something interesting. We look at it, and forget. Then there are times when we remember seeing it but not photographing it. That’s when we regret. I have been through such times, apparently not photographing something that is very common, but then thinking back and wondering if it’s so common, why didn’t I photograph it? On a dull winter day I was browsing on the web, where I came across a picture of an interesting centipede. I had photographed a similar fellow during monsoon in 2008, when I had been on a trail at SGNP (read it HERE ). I came home and forgot about this image. It never appeared on my blog either. So now, more than a year later I dig into heaps of albums and find this one image. Now I know what it was and I wish I had taken more photographs. This made me look for some common but lesser known bugs. After researching online, I was amazed

Medway Creek

...a trail during January Thaw “Whose woods are these I think I know His house is in the village though; He will not see me stopping here To watch his woods fill up with snow.” - Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Medway Creek - as seen from a bridge I was growing impatient for the arrival of spring. This was a month ago, in January – a month considered to be the bleakest of all. Spring is yet far from now. I continued my daily chores of going to school every day, missing the song of the birds and merry squirrels that would scour on the ground. The snow filled the landscape, so much so that I hardly ever saw anything that’s green and not white. The weather was ever in transit – once it was cloudy and windy and sometimes bright and calm. I welcomed the sun every time I saw it thawing the icy mounds. Then came a week in January, of something unexplained and loved by all – January Thaw. January Thaw is a climatic phenomenon of unseasonably warm temperatur