Closer to Nature

There are countless ways of expressing the bond we share with the world around us. Not only visual, but also sensual – even silence is a medium of expression. I’ve been using words and photographs as a way to express what I see and feel for quite some time now, but there are countless – metaphorically – instances when I was witnessing a miracle of nature when the silence engulfed me and I was at loss for words, and those moments, although I cherish them for what they were, will never translate into something that I could write, or photograph.

I spent the last week by the beach trying to make sense of the world through the medium of numbers and figures – I was a part of a PRiMER course of Gubbi Labs here to learn statistics, mapping, scientific reasoning, and expressing – and at the end of the day I buried my feet in the sand watching the sun set over the horizon and dolphins leaping from the waves. Words swelled into my head like a hightide every time I walked on the beach, but I could not fathom them – it was as if they were caught off by the trawlers way before they reached the shores. And I left it at that.

I’m looking back at the year, as I did in 2013, 2014 and 2015, but there are no photographs this time to celebrate the passing year.

Over the last few years I wrote articles for students (and parents) for a small but a beautiful magazine, Twinkle Star – edited by The Hitavada in central India. These articles, however, became buried in the archives and went off the grid.

To celebrate the passing of 2016, I’m releasing this small e-book containing a number of articles written since 2013 on my favourite topics – from tiger beetles and snakes to issues concerning biodiversity conservation, to just celebrating the natural richness of our planet. Some are a story in themselves, some are drawn from personal experiences, and most are stand-alone articles written to provoke a creative thought and a positive attitude.

The pdf is uploaded on slidehare, you will need to sign in/up to download this file.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Note: Sahyadrica will slow down in 2017 as I chase real life! However I will keep posting notes up here or on The Wild Yarn!