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Long Point and the Bay

Looking over the Inner Bay, Long Point There are places on Earth where over thousand birds stage during migration and where birders and other experts flock to cherish this grand congregation, one of such places is Long Point. Situated in Lake Erie, Long Point Sand spit was created over the last 4,000 years due to the high shoreline availability of glacial till, strong winds, variations in climate, hydrological cycle and seiches. These forces continue to shape Long Point, the largest sandy peninsula (or Sand spit) on the Great Lakes. Long Point’s Inner and Outer Bays and their associated marshes are one of the most biologically important areas – not only for resident birds but for migratory waterfowls of North America as well. This is because Long Point falls under the Atlantic flyway of migrating birds, providing them stopovers for feeding. One can easily guess why thousands of birds decide to stop at Long Point Bay – it is diverse in its floral and faunal diversity – from various