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What's Left of the Jungle by Nitin Sekar: a review

What's Left of the Jungle - A Conservation Story, by Nitin Sekar, published by BLOOMSBURY, 2022 Having visited the Himalayan foothill forests only as a tourist, and having only experienced its wildlife research and conservation aspects through research publications, What’s Left of the Jungle is a welcoming read on a protected area of West Bengal, where the author who studied seed-dispersal potential of wild Asiatic Elephants narrates his experiences and those of his resident associates of working and living in the region. This is a longish review of the book. This book adopts a pace that is perfect if one is to absorb the nuances of wildlife research and conservation in India. It's real lesson I feel, is in patience - whether through the US-based writer's journey as he circumnavigates the socioeconomic and ecological aspects of life in a wildlife refuge or the locally-born Akshu whose perspectives are engaging as the reader learns through his experiences right from his fo