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Decoys, Shotguns and Conservation

A male Bluebill I wandered far into the woods, into the lakes and over the snow, and waited patiently for an approaching deer, or a turkey, or, if I am on the lake, a duck, in anticipation of shooting one. But I found myself sitting on a bus on the way to the railway station. I was wondering what exactly I was going to do in the following 24 hours. It took me 6 hours to reach London, where it would have taken about 2. Nonetheless, I was too excited about the following day to be bothered by hours of waiting for buses and trains. I met a friend and we headed Turkey Point. We started much before sunrise on the next day, as I piled layers of clothes to be able to withstand freezing cold and blistering winds blowing off Lake Erie. We joined two more friends, and then headed towards Long Point. Our trucks were full of decoys, anchors, guns and shells and two joyous canines. We loaded the stuff onto the boat and cruised towards the bay. It was foggy, damp and cold, and as our boat picked

Medway Creek Reflections

Wanderer's Eye: Medway Creek Reflections by Aniruddha H D I wanted to create a single document containing all the photographs and observations done at Medway Creek since a long time. For complete articles on Medway Creek published on Wanderer’s Eye: Autumn Walk Medway Creek – January Thaw Medway Creek 2 Sounds of Spring Among the Garter Snakes Stalking Spring Last Walk at Medway Creek A Walk by the River – Thames River Thanks for reading!