Post-Monsoon Part I

With the beginning of September, the Monsoon is set to leave with heavy thundering and dangerous lightning. With animals dying of post-monsoon storms, its not just death, but a whole new life that it brings with it. The seeds sown in the pre-monsoon month germinate, mature, and reproduce, we see a lot of mature fauna around along with flowers that find it apt to bloom, for it may be first and the last bloom in their life-time, until the next monsoon that is. And as the flora blooms, the fauna booms. It's about time when the scaly-winged flutterers make it to the sky and come home seeking light! Anyhow, that's pretty distant as of now.

Common Fringed-flower Vine - Trichosanthes cucumerina

This report, is a series written in parts of the Post-Monsoon month. Some pictures, some information I could gather - included here - will be here, and will be updated on and off.
Oriental Sesame - Sesamum orientale

Wild Ladies' finger - Abelmoschus manihot
With all the wild flowers in bloom, all the flower-visitors are in for a treat! With such an abundance of food source, it's not surprizing to see a few eggs of the butterflies around.

Great Orange-tip Egg

Coffee Bee Hawk Moth Egg

Both of 'em laid their eggs in front of me, and spurred past the bushes in a jiffy.

The butterflies were everywhere. Here too.

Common Pierrot

Red Pierrot

Blue Oakleaf
Tri colour pied flat

Owlet Moth
Asiatic Bloodtail
Coromandel Marsh Dart

Pseudagrion microcephalum


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