Monsoon Trails Introduction

Like last year, I thought I'd create anoter report on all the Monsoon Trails I been on. Unlike last year, where I had created an 'offline' report, as a pdf; this year I thought I'd blog it down o'er here. That would be easy to access and to gather/ give more information. So as I go on with the trails, I would be updating this space, with photographs and stuff...

I love going on trails and treks, and try to capture all the details with my ever-handy Sony H7, although I use an SLR too. Anyhow, I'm much into Macro stuff, I mean Entomology, so this is the place where you'll find a lot of insects and spiders.

All the posts would be the highlights of the trails I call the Monsoon Trails and it's called so because it's exclusively monsoon 'round the corner. And the best time to go insect hunting! So watch this place, and any help with the identification of the unidentified thing, mistakes, and stuff like that is highly appreciated.

Aniruddha H D 28th June '08


  1. Very Cool Pics n the matter was very nicely put...except that I wish u wud mention sumthin abt the birds we saw a wee bit more.......all in all gud job....makes me wanna go back there again....wat say????......:)..

  2. hey wat a gr8 site for homebirds like me who can just daydream about goin on a monsoon trail....hope u go to more places....1 more request can u cover the Tadoba tiger sanctuary??

  3. hey u r wudn't b wrong if i say dat u r a great r really gud

  4. Goodness Gracious, you are a SPECIALIST in life sciences, Aniruddha!
    You work on this blog is mammoth but first rate in content.
    And you keep such a low profile on TN!
    My salute to you!
    The BNHS is a great organisation dedicated to the cause of nature studies. I too would like to join it.
    Best regards.
    -Ram Thakur

  5. which SLR camera do you use?

    1. I had a role-camera back then, now I use Canon 60D.

    2. What do you do with your old SLR now? I have a manual SLR too and now that I have a digital camera, it has become practically useless. Film roles are pretty expensive and developing also costs a lot. I don't want to get rid of it as I'm kind of sentimentally attached to it. So I was thinking what to do with my old camera. Any suggestions?

    3. You answered my question yourself :) I have carefully packed it n kept it safe. I cannot (nor can my father) imagine departing from it, so it will stay forever until it can. They also make a good showpiece idem... Everyone is amazed to see these kept on display.


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